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*Update!!  This post is from 2012!  Please see an updated list of Barn / Rustic Venues in the Boise Area here.  Happy Planning! *


One of the First weddings I shot in Boise (almost 3 years ago now) took place in this awesome barn venue.  You can see the photos from the wedding here.  Since then I have had several people visit my blog after googleing things like “hey barn event center” and “barn wedding Boise.”  Hey Barn Event Center is no longer available for bookings, so I decided to do some digging for all you wonderful brides and bride to be’s out there and find some other options for you.  I found 4 options.  There might be more…If you know of any I missed, please leave a comment below with info on the venue for me!  :)

The first venue I found is in Star Idaho.  It is owned by the Star Community Church and has lots of doors that can be opened or closed.  To find out more information or to book this venue you can visit or call 208-230-0645.  I can see some great photos here.  It has a nice country feel to it with a longish dirt road and big trees that could be used for some really cool dramatic photos.  :) 


The next venue is not really a barn, but it is very COOL!  It is a western town and also has a LOVELY country church. The Coldwater Creek Events venue is awesome even from the entrance….and it has lots of parking, which is important for your guests.  They also have a “Bridal Buggy” which is a horse drawn wagon.  I would LOVE to photograph at this venue…There are a TON of photo opps!  :) To see MUCH more photos of this great venue and to find out more information or to book visit or call 208-887-7880.


This next venue is probably the Barn venue you will find the most photos of if you google barn wedding Boise or any like term.  It is also the hardest barn to rent.  The Hidden Springs Comunity Barn is located in beautiful Hidden Springs Idaho.  Just 3 miles from Boise, this community is tucked away from the bustle of the city, and filled with gorgeous houses.  This barn is available for rent for events, concerts, and WEDDINGS…however you have to live in the Hidden Springs community to rent it.   If you do not live in the community you can find someone who does live in the community to “sponsor” you so you can rent the barn out for your Event.  To find out more info about the barn you can visit the Hidden Springs Webpage (look under FAQ’s for info). or you can call 208-229-2323 ext 25.   


The last venue I found is probably my favorite as far as I can see.  I, however, did not visit the venue personally.  The Lazy R Ranch is located outside of Horseshoe Bend.   It looks like from their website that they also have guest housing which would be great for the out of town guests!  The location is remote and will really play into the “barn” feel.  they also have horses for the trail rides that might be available for riding up to your wedding etc.  You can see Photos for this great venue and find out more info and book this venue here: or call 208-584-3100.


I hope this helps all you find the perfect venue for your Barn/country wedding!  Happy Planning!!!


Thanks for this blog! So excited to check out Lazy R for our September wedding!!


Glad I could help :)

Great info Joncee! I know a lot of brides who want a rustic venue and the barns in Southern Idaho are a great location for that! Can’t wait to see future shoots you do at these locations :)

It seems lots of brides are looking for barns right now; what a great resource you’ve created!

Sadie McKean

The star barn looks a lot different now


Harmony ranch in eagle idaho also is a good barn location. FYI

Dawn Makin

The historical sandmeyer barn in Buhl I’d is
Now accepting reservation for 2014 weddings.
Contact Dawn Makin@ 208.309.0180.
The Sandmeyer barn is the largest and most historical barn
In the west. Built in 1903 , there is 11,000. Square feet of floor to ceiling all timber architecture , and charm and personality built in.
From the simplest to the most extravagant wedding , you are limited to only your imdaginatikn and dream wedding.
Holds up to 400 guests with ease.
Call now for all the details to plan your dream wedding.


Re: Dawn Makin

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I tried to search the Sandmeyer Barn online but only found a newsletter about it. Do you happen to have a website? I would love to see pictures – even if you have a link to someone’s blog of their wedding at the barn. I would really appreciate the info.

Thank you in advance!

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